The central theme of my work is about how to interpret "light" in an unusual way. On the one hand, the incident light in the spaces, and architectural details, and on the other hand the light emitted by everyday objects, turning the work into pure abstraction. My recent works address an unreality based on objects recycled by man, which after consciously concentrating the frame and visualizing them from another point of view, turn the work into something magical, and with a particular atmosphere. I usually extend the works with textures, paintings and colors in principle not existing, to give it a personal and unique touch. For this, I use textures of other materials, liquid watercolors, and digital brushes, so that as a whole they create the "mental drawing" desired. In recent works, the works invite you to enter an imaginary world, full of light and color, where abstraction encompasses mental reality, being abducted by the final result. I want my work to connect directly with the viewer, to take him to another way of looking at what he sees every day, to immerse himself in the "inner space" of the subconscious.




© by Antonio Morano

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