Antonio Morano Amarillo is a photographer from Huelva, Superior Technician in Plastic Arts and Design, specialized in Artistic Photography, at the Seville School of Art, among other university degrees, which has 15 photography awards that endorse his career in the artistic field, Highlighting in 2016 the first Andalusian Talent Prize for Contemporary Photography, or the First Prize for Contemporary Photography, in the VII Photography Competition of the Official College of Architects of Huelva (COAH), among others.

Founder and co-founder, respectively, of the Yellow and Amarelo Photography Agencies, his work has always been related to photography.


He has held individual exhibitions in the Exhibition Hall of Fundación Caja Rural del Sur (November 2018, Seville), in the Exhibition Hall of the University of Huelva (October 2008), and in the Hall of the Los Álamos de La Antilla Cultural Center ( July 2018).

His works have participated in numerous group exhibitions, highlighting, among others, the group exhibition at the IV International Meeting of Contemporary Art ART Sevilla, tribute to the centenary of BAUHAUS (2020), the GOSSAN Collective (Mission to Mars) in Nerva (2020), the Collective at the ARCO Madrid Fair at the Huelva Provincial Stand (2019), the Huelwarhol Collective - Andy Warhol's dialogues with Huelva art - exhibited at the Huelva Museum, Felípe Godínez Theater in Moguer, and at the Centro Olontense de Arte Contemporáneo (CODAC) in Gibraleón.

Morano has collaborated with other colleagues in social photography projects as well as heritage cataloging in companies and institutions. His knowledge on the subject has led him to make presentations and to be part of the juries of different photographic competitions. Currently, artistic photography has emerged as the center of his creations, with works in which abstraction, color and geometry are the main axes.

Antonio Morano

vvisual artist

15 Photography Awards

Tel. +34 657 191 707



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