Through inner introspection, you get to detect subtle images that wave your head when you close your eyes, being able to pass through your mind to the subconscious. Nothing is real at that moment, and you separate your senses. They are not images created by you, nor by another, nor by anyone ... they simply happen inside you. This inner journey takes you to images without any purpose, without effort, and without explanation. Through my photographic work, I capture those unheard-of images, magical and full of pure imagination of my own subconscious, and recreate them using "everyday materials". Once created meticulously, I try to explore what inexplorable consciously. But being present, here and now, you transfer the images you know, see, or believe at least perceive, and make a latent connection between the subconscious and reality, configuring images similar to natural phenomena, masses, geological structures, water, ice, storm, wind, ... and you create your own universe of images. The work of the Project reflects and therefore reconstructs the internal visualization, based on a photograph with a controlled explosion of color, with movements, with harmony, with strokes, and with unexpected remnants. Through my photographs, I try to take the viewer to enter an inner world, and share these imaginary landscapes, taking it all to an own Universe, it reaches the soul, and it is subtle ....







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